Autpart for Bysoft7
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800.- /year
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  • Bysoft7 integrated
    everything in one place
  • Unlimited parts
    import multiple parts
  • Production ready
    cut/bend technologies
Batch Unfolder
starting at:
1000.- /year
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  • Automate data flow
    link CAD, CAM and ERP
  • Export templates
    for any machine
  • Flexible licensing
    pay once or per year
  • Right click shortcuts
    instant results
  • Command Line Tool
    complex automation
Customer Portal
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500.- /month
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  • Web-based
    fully in the cloud
  • Integrated
    link to your website
  • Unlimited customers
    scaling infrastructure
  • Customizable
    materials, services, etc.
Works with all major CAD packages

Why chose SmartPart?

We are a highly capable team that can both built state of the art software as well as know-how to run a sheet metal business.

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Start working more efficiently within 10 minutes. Got large order or quote giving you headaches try it for free now.

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Performance optimized

We focus on sheet metal and we do it well. Analysing and unfolding parts unparalleled speed and accuracy.

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Run local or in the cloud

We offer both on-premise solutions to run on your company machines as well as fully managed and hosted cloud solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions just send get in touch or book a demo. Some of the questions we get often:

What file types do you accept?
  • At the moment or on-premise solutions accept STEP and STP files (versions AP203, AP214 and AP242) these can be exported by any CAD package. Our hosted solution can also process 2D files in the .DXF format. On request, we have partners that can supply additional software to convert native file formats to STEP files.

What is the difference between Autopart and Batch unfolder?
  • Our Autopart plug-in is fully integrated into Bysoft and allows you to use our state-of-the-art unfolding algorithms straight from the Bysoft7 interface.

    Batch Unfolder, on the other hand, is a fully stand-alone solution that allows one to automate your internal work preparation processes. Furthermore, we also add a variety of shortcuts to your Windows system so you have the full power of SmartPart just one-click away at all times.

What type of support do you offer?
  • With our on-premise solutions, we offer a maintenance package that will give full access to bug fixes and updates as they come out as well as full 8x5 support.

    Our hosted solutions are fully hosted and managed by us. This means we take care of everything required to keep your system up and running day and night.

Advance Sheet Metal processing made easy

Handle all the most time-consuming tasks of the sheet metal work preparation fully automated or with a single click.

  • Autopart for Bysoft7
  • Autopart for Bysoft7
    Bend Parts
  • Autopart for Bysoft7
    Tube Parts
monitoring 24/7/365

Assemblies Processing

Quote and prepare assemblies as easily as a single part. With our technology, you can automatically explode assemblies into separate parts. Furthermore, the separate parts are automatically classified as flat, bend or tube parts and processed accordingly. And all this in a matter of seconds.

monitoring 24/7/365

Part Flattening

Bend parts are automatically flattened to DXF flat patterns using one of the export templates for the major CAM systems. Note, the bend deductions and k-factors are automatically computed based on the material, geometry and your tooling. This means you can have flat patterns ready for cutting and bending without any manual work.

monitoring 24/7/365

Tube Recognition

To allow for easy quotations and planning SmartPart has the functionality to automatically detect tube and pipe sections based on the 3D geometry. This means you can easily create a bill of material (BOM) even for assemblies with hundreds of parts.

Case Study

Giraf Metaal B.V.